A discussion about sustainable architecture, its contemporary and future form

We live in a time, when the phrase „climate change“ substitutes the expression „climate crisis“. We work in a department, which is responsible for almost 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. If we want to reverse the negative development of ecological conditions on Earth, a change in paradigm of behaviour of all participants of the building sector is necessary.

Energy efficiency is one of the mediums, however alarming forecasts require more complex solutions. Buildings, cities and infrastructure planned as inseparable parts of a constantly reinventing sustainable system should be our aim.

We are returning BACK TO THE CITY. Intense country urbanisation is one of the causes of the current crisis. A well functioning compact city can nonetheless pose as an efficient tool for suppression. This tool is in hands of an architect…

Just as the previous year, the following year will be „a conference a bit differently“. Its main goal is discussion and finding solutions in architecture and cityscape planning with consideration of energic effectivity and further aspects of sustainability. The classic duel „kind teasing“ has shown in the previous years that we can and want to discuss. Individual subject blocks will, besides key speakers, contain moderated panel discussions of the invited guests. Audience can join the discussion freely through the application sli.do.

We invite you to the III. year of the conference A0. Again, it will be different, extraordinary, suited for architects, but also for those who are willing to listen and speak their mind.

Pavol Paňák, prof.Dipl.Ing.arch., Architekti A B.K.P.Š.
Nora Vranová, Dipl.Ing.arch., Slovak Chamber of Architects
Oľga Miháliková, Dipl.Ing., Slovak Chamber of Architects
Ľubomír Závodný, Dipl.Ing.arch., Architectural studio Ľubomír Závodný
Ľubica Šimkovicová, Dipl.Ing., Passive House Institute Slovakia
Palo Pokorný, Dipl.Ing.arch., Pokorny architekti

Ľubica Šimkovicová, DI, Passive House Institute Slovakia
Luba has been involved in the popularization of sustainable architecture since 2005. This year she co-founded Passive House Institute Slovakia (iEPD), since 2013 she has been Executive Director. She has led several international projects that have focused on the development of sustainable architecture, passive and energy-efficient buildings as well as integrated design. She graduated at Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Palo Pokorný, chartered architect, Pokorny architekti
After 15 years of architectural practice, Pało decided to radically change his approach to design. Since 2009, he has been designing his projects exclusively in an ultra-low-energy and passive house standard. A wide range of buildings can be found in the portfolio of its architectural office, from interiors to industrial factories; from exhibition expositions to administrative buildings. Recently, he has specialized in family houses and timber construction buildings with success in both the domestic and international architectural scene.